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National Organic Coalition Funder Call

This is a listening/learning/strategy call for a small group of informed and engaged funders to be briefed on the state of organic agriculture, national policy, its democratic process and enforcement, and the coalitions that are key parts of the movement.  We will have an opportunity to ask questions and dialogue about the relevance of organic in the context of current discussions around sustainable, equitable and regenerative agriculture; and to learn about and from key players in the organic and ‘good food’ movements – on the ground, and in policy circles.


Some topics we will explore include:

·      How organic principles are foundational and relate to meaningful sustainable and regenerative ag initiatives

·      Lessons from organic when enshrined in federal policy: ways that USDA organic is living up to its promise, where vigilance is still needed, where movement organizing is critical to advance a shared vision in policy and practice

·      Learnings from the codified participatory and democratic process underlying organic, and how this is critical to accountability and transparency of not only organic but also any meaningful sustainable ag certification program

·      Share thoughts on and learn about programs and approaches that build on and/or are related to organic to protect soil health, mitigate climate change, safeguard animal welfare, and promote equity and fair labor practices

§  Regenerative Organic Certification

§  Real Organic Program

§  Movements for agroecology

§  Regenerative agriculture

§  Agricultural Justice Project


·      The continued vigilance and movement building that exists to protect the integrity of organic standards, and that is imperative for organic and beyond programs, and the challenges that these movements face

·      Why the multi-stakeholder, public engagement, member-driven model is an ideal model

·      How to convey the importance of organic to the beyond movement with other funders

·      Your additional questions and topics are welcome! Please submit to Abby ( and Kat (


This interactive call will give funders an opportunity dialogue with Urvashi Rangan (NOC Advisor and Chief Science Advisor at Grace Communications Foundation), Abby Youngblood (NOC Executive Director), Steve Etka (NOC Policy Director) and other funders about topics related to organic certification and the role funders can play to promote a more equitable, ecologically sound, and healthy food and agricultural system.


Kathryn Gilje, Executive Director at Ceres Trust, will facilitate the discussion.

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The National Organic Coalition (NOC) is a national alliance of organizations working to provide a "Washington voice" for farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, consumers and industry members involved in organic agriculture. NOC seeks to advance organic food and agriculture and ensure a united voice for organic integrity, which means strong, enforceable, and continuously improved standards to maximize the multiple health, environmental, and economic benefits that organic agriculture provides. The coalition works to assure that policies are fair, equitable, and encourage diversity of participation and access.

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