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The National Organic Coalition, (NOC) brings together diverse organic stakeholders to advance organic food and farming and to ensure that:

  • organic integrity is maintained

  • consumers’ confidence is preserved

  • policies are fair, equitable, and encourage diversity of participation and access

Membership is open by invitation to organizations representing the following stakeholder groups in organic: (1) farmers and farm organizations; (2) non-profit consumer, environmental and animal welfare organizations; 3) businesses dedicated to organic integrity.

NOC members develop policy positions using a consensus process and have representation with Members of Congress through NOC’s Policy Director, Steve Etka. NOC represents more than one million citizens, farms, and businesses through our member organizations.

NOC Member Organizations

NOC Network Affiliates

NOC works with farms, organizations, foundations, and businesses to build a network for information and action on federal organic policy issues. Network Affiliates receive action alert templates, regular updates, invitations to NOC events and conference calls, and materials that make it easy to engage in organic policy. Network Affiliates are NOT represented by NOC in lobbying activities with the Administration or on Capitol Hill and are not required to support all NOC positions.

Current Network Affiliates include:

  1. Alliance for Natural Health

  2. ASPCA

  3. The Brice Institute

  4. Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

  5. CCOF

  6. Clif Bar

  7. Dr. Bronners

  8. Ecological Farming Association

  9. Farmer and the Cook

  10. FoodChain ID

  11. Frey Vineyards

  12. Friends of the Earth

  13. Green America

  14. Hanover Co-op Food Stores

  15. International Organic Inspectors Association

  16. Iowa Organic Association

  17. Kanalani Ohana Farm

  18. Lady Moon Farms

  19. Lakeview Organic Grain

  20. Michigan Organic Food and Farming Alliance

  21. Montana Organic Association

  22. OFARM

  23. Organic Materials Review Institute

  24. Oregon Tilth

  25. Pennsylvania Certified Organic

  26. Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

  27. Straus Family Creamery

  28. Wild Farm Alliance

  29. Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (WODPA)

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming a Network Affiliate.

NOC Advisors

In addition to our organization members, NOC retains a group of advisors to help assist in our planning, policy development and advocacy. Our current advisors include: Harriet Behar, Roger Blobaum, Lisa Bunin, Liana Hoodes, Urvashi Rangan, Michael Sligh, and Jim Riddle.