Resources for NOC Pre- NOSB Meeting

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Great River Meeting Room, InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront

11 Kellogg Boulevard East, Saint Paul, MN


Meeting Agenda

Ground Rules
Participant List
Restaurant List

Enforcement Challenges and Next Steps for the Organic Community

  1. Strengthening Organic Enforcement Town Hall Webinar Slides

Origin of Livestock

  1. Preamble to Final Rule, Origin of Livestock

  2. Certifier and NODPA Comments from 2006

  3. Final Rule to Correct Harvey, June 2006

  4. NOP Guidance on Origin of Livestock, 2006

  5. OIG Report on Organic Milk Operations from 2012

  6. OIG Report on Organic Milk Operations from 2013

  7. Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule, 2015

  8. NODPA Comments on OOL Proposed Rule, 2015

  9. Dairy Policy Recommendations from Organic Farmers Association

  10. Real Organic Project Standards for Origin of Livestock

Bulk Labeling Requirements

  1. 205.307 Labeling Statement - Submitted to NOP - annotated

  2. ACA Best Practices_Products Handled by Uncertified Wholesalers - Annotated

Q&A Session with Dr. Jenny Tucker

  1. Regulatory Agenda for USDA - Fall 2018

DC Update

Farm Bill

  1. 8 Steps to Enact a Farm Bill

  2. NOC Farm Bill Score Card

  3. 2018 Senate and House Farm Bill Conferees

  4. NOC Letter to Farm Bill Conferees

  5. NOC Testimony to Senate Agriculture Committee – NOSB and Other Farm Bill Issues

  6. Organic Industry Letter about NOSB Reforms

  7. Congressional Research Report on Expiration of Farm Bill

Appropriations Legislation

  1. NOC FY 19 Appropriations Summary

OLPP Lawsuit

  1. CFS Lawsuit Challenging Withdrawal of OLPP

  2. OTA Lawsuit Challenging Withdrawal of OLPP

Marine Materials

  1. NOSB Discussion Document from Fall 2018: Marine Materials

  2. Beyond Pesticides Comments on Marine Materials

  3. OTA Comments on Marine Materials

  4. Marine Materials Comments from Robin Hadlock Seeley

  5. MOFGA Comments on Marine Materials

  6. Sustainable Seaweed Blog Post - Robin Hadlock Seeley

Thank you to our meeting co-sponsors:

Albert Lea Seed

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

Minnesota Farmers Union

MOSA Certified Organic


Peace Coffee