Resources for NOC Pre-NOSB Meeting

Sunday, April 24, 2016
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Hampton Ballroom
Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street, NW, Washington, D.C.


Meeting Agenda

DC Organic Policy Update

  1. Topics for DC Update

Corporate Control of Seed Supply & Utility Patents:

  1. Concentration in the Seed Industry: Implications for Organic Agriculture
  2. Seed Industry Structure – Philip H. Howard at Michigan State University
  3. Seed Privatization and the Path Toward Equitable Exchange
  4. Infographic: How Seeds Became Privatized
  5. Infographic: Seed Loss in the Public Domain

IFOAM Update:

  1. Organic 3.0 – The Next Phase of Organic Development

Fracking and Organic Agriculture:

  1. Organic Farms Near Oil and Gas Activity
  2. Food and Water Watch Fracking and the Food System Issue Brief
  3. Protecting Farmers from Fracking - OEFFA
  4. OEFFA comments to NOSB on Fracking 
  5. PA Farm Case Studies 
  6. Risk and Harms of Fracking

Changes to NOSB Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM):

  1. NOSB Proposal - PPM Revisions
  2. Cornucopia Institute Analysis & Side by Side Comparison
  3. Comments to NOSB - Beyond Pesticides

Will the Next Generation of Farmers Choose Organic Certification?:

  1. USDA Sound and Sensible Resources
  2. Vegetable Farmers Guide to Organic Certification
  3. Interactive Video: The Road to Organic Certification
  4. Oregon Tilth/NRCS Webinar: Making the Transition to Organic
  5. Oregon Tilth Quick Start Guide: Transition to Organic
  6. Transition to Organic Network - Listserve
  7. eOrganic - Tools for Transition Project
  8. University of Minnesota: Making the Transition to Organic - Ten Farmer Profiles    
  9. Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Transition to Organic Cost Share Program
  10. Oregon Tilth: Recordkeeping Case Studies