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Photo credit: Harriet Behar, MOSES Organic Specialist

The Organic Caucus

Is Your Representative on the House Organic Caucus? If NOT, ask them to join!

See our current list of House organic Caucus members

If your representative is not on this list, call their office and ask them to join. 
Have them call one of the co-chairs: Sam Farr, Ron Kind, Peter DeFazio, or Richard Hanna.

If your Representative is a Republican, have them call Richard Hanna: 

(202) 225-3665

If your Representative is a Democrat, have them call Sam Farr:  (202) 225-2861, Ron Kind (202) 225 5506, or Peter DeFazio (202) 225-6416

Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Sam Farr (D-CA), Ron Kind (D-WI), and Richard Hanna (R-NY) are co-chairing a re-invigorated Organic Caucus to come together to promote organic policies. This bipartisan association of congressional members will educate Congress Members and their staff on organic farming methods, what the term "organic" really means, organic programs at the USDA, and issues facing organic.


They will be kept informed as to organic issues, and will know how they can help on legislation and other important ways. Ask your Representative to contact any of the leaders to join. For more information on contacting your congressional representative, click here.

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