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NOC members take to the Hill

Posted: March 30, 2018

NOC Members Meet with USDA and Members of Congress in the midst of a snow storm
Last week NOC members met with more than 60 Members of Congress and Congressional staffers to urge support for organic agriculture, despite a late season snow storm that shut down many federal office.  We requested co-sponsorship for key marker bills that we hope will move forward through the Farm Bill process, including bills that would address import fraud, boost funding for organic research, and reinvest in public plant breeding programs. We identified Congressional allies who will help us defend against cuts to the certification cost-share program and guard against changes to weaken the National Organic Standards Board.

NOC members met with Congressman John Faso (R-NY), a House Agriculture Committee member who has taken the lead on the Organic Farmer and Consumer Protection Act to address import fraud. 

NOC members also sat down with Under Secretary Ibach, who oversees Marketing and Regulatory Programs at the USDA and Dr. Jenny Tucker, Associate Deputy Administrator at the National Organic Program to discuss enforcement of the organic standards and other issues. 

NOC is thrilled that the recently passed Omnibus spending bill included an increase of $3 million in funding for the National Organic Program and we thanked Secretary Ibach for the President’s request for increased funding for enforcement activities in the President’s FY19 Budget.

NOC is calling on the USDA and Members of Congress to ensure that the organic standards are consistently enforced and to bring bad actors in the dairy sector and their organic certifying agents into compliance and to stop fraudulent imports of organic commodities.

NOC members sat down with Under Secretary Ibach to urge stronger enforcement of the organic standards and to advocate for regulatory changes to bring consistency to the organic standards.

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