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NOC Members Comment on Regenerative Organic Certification

Posted: December 5, 2017

NOC Members Comment on Regenerative Organic Certification 

In September, Rodale Institute announced a new Regenerative Organic Certification, an effort to establish a new, high-bar standard for regenerative organic agriculture. The standard will be owned by a coalition of farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, scientists, and brands, administered by NSF International and is open to many certification partners. 

NOC prepared detailed comments on this new certification program, which can be viewed here.

NOC is encouraged that this initiative uses organic as a baseline and includes the recognition that organic practices are an essential starting point for any operation that wishes to use the ROC labels. 

NOC believes that Rodale Institute and other coalition members who are leading this effort need to exercise caution to ensure that this initiative strengthens, rather that exerts downward pressure, on the USDA organic program and the organic label. NOC is also urging leaders of the regenerative initiative to explore mechanisms to make this certification program accessible to farmers across all geographic regions and to family-scale operations that may be daunted by added costs, complexity and paperwork burdens. We ask that Rodale Institute and other coalition leaders provide adequate time to ensure a more robust assessment and broader feedback on these proposed standards and greater commitment to grassroots participation in the process going forward.

The deadline has been extended! If you are interested in reviewing and commenting on the new Regenerative Organic Certification requirements, you can do so by December 31 by following this link.

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