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Photo credit: Harriet Behar, MOSES Organic Specialist

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Is open by invitation from the current members to those representing the following categories of interests in organic: 

  1. farmers and farm organizations; 
  2. non-profit consumer and environmental organizations; 
  3. businesses dedicated to organic integrity.  

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If you are interested in having your organization join NOC please email us for more information.

Becoming a NOC Network Affiliate

Is available to organizations, businesses and farms who wish to work collaboratively with NOC to support common positions on organic legislative and policy issues. Organizations or businesses must work directly with farmers, ranchers or organic consumers.  Affiliate members must make a financial donation.

To join, please download and complete our application form.

Benefits of becoming a NOC Network Affiliate Include: 

Disclaimer: NOC Network Affiliates are not members and will not be represented by NOC in lobbying activities in the Administration or Capitol Hill; nor may they suggest or present that they are.

Recommended annual contribution levels for NOC Network Affiliates:*

* Our philosophy is that no one should be excluded from participation on the basis of ability to pay. Please contact us directly if you would like to become a NOC Network Affiliate, but cannot meet these guidelines.

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