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How to Contact Your Government Officials

To Call Members of Congress:

Call the Capitol Switchboard 

at 202-224-3121 

You will be connected to an operator who will ask for your zip code and connect you to your Representative's or Senator’s office.  

To Search Using the Web: 



How to contact the President:

President Donald Trump's Comment line: 202-456-1111

Fax the White House 202–456-2461

Use the contact form on their webpage http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Congressional Committees:

To stay up to date on the Senate and House Agricultural and Appropriations Committees visit the below links.

Senate Agriculture Committee 

Senate Appropriations Committee 

House Agriculture Committee

House Appropriations Committee

Why Snail Mail Doesn't Always Work

Since the Anthrax scare a few years ago, regular snail mail takes several weeks to get to Congressmembers' offices. However, you can write and fax a letter, or send a message through their websites. Some House members also give their emails on their website. Fax numbers, web response forms, and other contact information is best.  

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