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The National Organic Coalition, (NOC) brings together differing interests that are all working to assure that organic integrity is maintained, that consumers’  confidence is preserved, and that policies are fair, equitable and encourage diversity of participation and access  – the farmer growing the food in this regulated system,  the consumer buying organic because it represents specific values that they want to purchase, the businesses that get those agricultural products to the marketplace, and environmentalists who see organic as the alternative providing a clean and healthy environment. 

Membership is open by invitation from the current members to those organizations representing the following categories of interests in organic: (1) farmers and farm organizations; (2) non-profit consumer, environmental and animal welfare organizations; 3) businesses dedicated to organic integrity.

In addition to our organization members, NOC retains a group of advisors to help assist in our planning, policy development and advocacy.  Our current advisors include: Harriet Behar, Roger Blobaum, Lisa Bunin, Liana Hoodes, Urvashi Rangan and Jim Riddle.


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